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Client Testimonials

"Not Nearly as scary as I thought. Sean explains the process and made me feel extremely comfortable. Looking forward to the next one! I get compliments all the time!
Alexis D. - Denver

“This fool can draw. Plain and simple. His tattoo skills are even better! I've gone to 3 artists for other work, not anymore. A client for Life!”
Kevin K. - Denver

"Sean is a life saver! I had this horrible tattoo I would always hide. Sean deigned a beautiful flower that covered it perfectly." I can't stop looking at it!"
Dawn E. - Denver

"The coolest tattoo experience of my Life!
Blake D. - Denver

"As always, Sean's work amazes me!"
Jenny N. - Englewood

"Sean took the time to custom design me a tattoo. I think I made him draw 4 or 5 images before we hit the winner. Sean explained everything and was very patient. When the tattoo day came, Sean made me feel very comfortable. I was very impressed with his cleanliness! People say my tattoo looks so good, it looks fake!"
Katherine O. - Denver

"I waited 5 years to find this guy. Really has a passion for what he does. Sean puts a new name on this industry."
Brian C. - Littleton

"Sean's machines really took the anxiety away.This tattoo didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought. It looks just as bright 2 years later!"
Devin J. - Pheonix, AZ

"Smoothest hand in the west. The ribs were a breeze!"
Rebecca H. - Denver

"This studio is cleaner than my doctor's office. Awesome experience. Even my regular tattoo artist liked Sean's work. That's saying quite a bit!"
Juno A. - Denver

"Terrified on my first tattoo. Sean made me feel so comfortable. What a sweetheart!"
Alexis H. - Denver

"Wow! That's all I have to say! Definitely worth the drive!"
Sabrina G. - Alamosa

"I've been in several shops. This one has the most relaxed feel ever. I felt right at home! The tattoo came out perfect. People try to rub it off... hahaha!"
Shane O. - Denver

"Sean and Trevor were perfect. Glad I found them again!"
Oksana L. - Commerce City

"Sean came in on his day off to fix a tattoo done by another shop that I just hated. So glad I found him again. I just love this guy!"
Sandra J. - Denver

"A Hidden treasure.  One of the best in Denver!"
Richard C. - Littleton

"A very polite and cordial young man. Thanks for the tattoo!"
Franz Z. - Lakewood

"Went to 3 artists. Sean was the only one I liked. Wow. That's all I have to say!"
Chandra D. - Denver

"Came in from San Fran for Sean's Work. Piece is incredible"
Michael C - California

"Just Got 2 pieces from Sean. Absolutely an awesome experience. I love both of the pieces and Sean is truly an artist. Thanks, Man! I will be back!"
Tim S - New Mexico (Official Rock Star)

"A very disciplined artist. What a pleasure to deal with."
Mike P -Denver - Retired SEAL

"I didn't think my skin would hold color! Sean did a white tiger on me! What an awesome experience!"
Toni - Denver

"Came from San Diego to see what this guy's all about.. Already booked my return trip!"
KC K. - San Diego, CA

"Best Color and healing process! Thanks!
Allen C. - Colorado Spgs

"An artist that has a college education! This guy is no-nonsense! Thanks! Great Trip!
Lucas D. -L.I, NY

"Possibly the most light-handed artist i've met! Floats like a butterfly! Thanks Sean!
Ashley K. - Denver

"I got my first tattoo done by Trevor and it was the best experience. I was getting something for my Aunt who had just passed away and he made my design absolutely beautiful! I was very scared and anxious about the whole experience as I've heard stories from so many people but he made my experience a great one! It didn't hurt as bad as I thought and he kept telling me how great I was doing which made me feel a lot better. I will definitely recommend Trevor to my friends and will be seeing him again for my next tattoo. :)"
Christina G. - Denver, Co

"Sean was able to squeeze me in before I went back home. He came in on his day off and bought us lunch! I've already got my return plane ticket to get it colored! Thanks again, Sean! You're the best! Go Theoretical!!!"
Sabrina O. - Rochester, NC

"Now I understand what therapy is...  I Should be paying you instead of my shrink!" Thanks, buddy!"
Anonymous per request - Denver, Co

"Probably on of the most creative, fun people i've ever met!" Thanks Sean!
Michelle V. - Castle Rock, Co

"I thought these were all fake til I experienced it for myself! I stand corrected! Job well done, sir! Will definitely be back!!!
Thomas K. - Aurora

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